Like every other motorist, you must have NY insurance. There is no way around it. If caught driving without auto insurance, well, you do not even want to know that will happen. It is bad!

So, you have your insurance. But, does the policy really suit you. Did you ask for the agent to personalize things?

Many people do not know that almost every single insurance policy can be modified. You can add terms that will make the policy more beneficial. And, why not? You are the one who is paying. You are who will need the insurance payouts when things go wrong.

Always remember that when the company writes its standard policies, they are thinking about their own risk. The contract is in their best interests. You need to be smart and add riders, which are special terms, to the policy.

Sit down with your insurance company representative and discuss your specific needs. Then add these special conditions.

Following are some of the more popular auto insurance riders in NY.

Rental Car

What if your car breaks down or is destroyed in an accident? You will have to rent a car while things get fixed. One or two days is not all that bad. But, what about a few weeks? Those payments can prove financially draining.

Adding a rental car rider to your insurance can be a smart move. Most likely, the insurance company will want to set a predefined time period, for example, three weeks, in which they will pay for a rental car. Hopefully, you have your car back within the agreed upon timeframe.

Safe Driver

You can also add a safe driver rider. If you go without any major traffic infractions or accidents for a lengthy period, your insurance rate would be lowered.
Fortunately, you already have a de facto safe driver rider. If you complete a defensive driving NY course, you get an automatic 10 percent auto insurance rate discount for the next three years. Classes are held both online and in-person for your convenience.

One Accident

Everyone makes mistakes. You might do so while driving and cause an accident.

If you are at fault to any extent, even partly, in general, your insurance rate increases. You can prevent this from happening by adding a one-accident rider. It is a freebie for the first time “offender,” so to speak.

Roadside Assistance

This rider allows you to call for emergency assistance at any time without having to pay.

These riders are great deals because you never know just when your car will leave you stranded. When it happens, the last thing you want to worry about is whether you have the extra cash to pay for a tow truck or mechanic.

Vehicle Depreciation

This rider gets you a promise that the insurance company will not take any depreciation of car value into consideration for a certain agreed upon period.

Car Theft

Good for those who reside in high crime areas. For example, you can get a promise not to consider your high-crime location if you park your car in a secured location, such as a private garage.

Also, you can get this rider if you can prove that your neighborhood is changing. Perhaps the insurance provider will not raise your policy so long as the crime rate continues to decline in the area.

Time to Get the Policy You Deserve

No need to accept a boilerplate insurance contract. Ask for reasonable riders, those insurance terms that are of specific benefit to you.