Police in Daytona Beach are reminding drivers that any distraction is too much when they are behind the wheel. That’s the lesson learned by a woman who drove her car into a house after what reporters are calling ‘amorous’ play with her boyfriend while she was driving.

The driver suffered minor injuries and was treated and released at a local hospital. Her boy friend was uninjured in the crash, but the house was nearly completely destroyed. The driver crashed through two rooms and a plate glass window before coming to a stop inside the house. The house had been vacant for the last several weeks, so fortunately there was nobody inside when the distracted driver made an unexpected entry.

Although the story might make you chuckle someone could have been seriously injured or killed if circumstances were just slightly altered. The police certainly weren’t laughing. They arrested the driver on a charge of careless driving once she was released from the local hospital. She will now be paying fines, fees, have points added to her Florida driver’s license and be held responsible for damages to the house she drive through.

According to the National Highway Traffic safety Administration the number of vehicle crashes caused by distracted driving has eclipsed the number of vehicle collisions caused by drunk driving and continues to climb. The NHTSA says that the majority of distracted driving crashes are being caused by drivers using handheld devices to talk, text or email their friends and family, but not all. Obviously at least a few of these distracted driving crashes are caused when the driver stops paying attention to the road ahead and allows themselves to become distracted by something else.

In this case even love can be the wrong thing when you are behind the wheel of an automobile.

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