If you think you can get a traffic citation in Florida and then just ignore it, think again. In fact, the Florida Bureau of Motor Vehicles, just like every motor vehicle agency in the country, keeps careful record of every driving infraction recorded and processed by the courts.

Get a speeding ticket, pay the fine, or your driving privileges will be indefinitely suspended. The same goes for any sort of driving citation you might get. If there is a fine attached you MUST pay the fine to the county in which it was issued or the BMV will suspend your license.

It’s simple math for Florida drivers. Unpaid tickets = suspended license. Period.

Tickets must be paid to the traffic court in the county in which the citation was issued. Some traffic courts allow payment online via credit card. Check the traffic court web site to determine if you can pay yours now.

How do I clear a suspension for failure to complete court-ordered school or school election was made, but I did not attend, or school election was made and I was not eligible to attend?

Driver license is suspended indefinitely. Contact the traffic court in the county where the traffic summons was issued, satisfy the traffic summons and present proof of the satisfaction plus a D6 suspension reinstatement fee in any Florida driver license office.

Out-of-state residents must send the satisfaction and a D6 suspension reinstatement fee and a letter of residency.

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