Have you ever noticed how much the front of an automobile has the elements of a human face? The headlights, the front grill, and hood all add to the facial similarities. On some vehicles the side mirrors can even look like ears.

The next time you are on the road, take a look. Some cars look friendly, some look angry and some appear to be aggressive. Some actually look smart, while others look a little dim. I don’t know if it is done by design or not but it can sometimes be uncanny, and maybe even a bit unnerving.

Some car owners go so far as to name their vehicles. If that seems crazy, I can’t tell you the number of times I whispered “Come on baby” as I turned the ignition key on a cold morning. Thank goodness there were no cameras around.
It got me to thinking about other similarities between vehicles and humans. There are more than you may think! Take a look:

  • There are times when we both need to back-up to be able to move forward.
  • We both need to have our batteries recharged once in a while.
  • Some of us need a good scrubbing.
  • We both have belts that sometimes need tightening.
  • Some can be fast while others can be, well, a little slow.
  • We both have the ability to just cruise along if we choose.
  • We both experience the occasional bumps in the road.
  • We both can have squeaky wheels that get attention.
  • Some certainly stay in better shape than others
  • There are days when it can be tough to get started.
  • Some of us have really nice bodies while others are a little rusty.
  • We can both get on a roll but sometimes it’s smarter to put on the brakes.
  • While both of us have back seats, some have ones that are more ample than others.
  • Neither of us can operate very well on an empty tank, and sometimes we both get gas.
  • The older we get the less likely we are able to run well.
  • We both can get jacked up.
  • Some of both of them smoke, but when they do, they are likely to have problems.
  • Some are loud just to gain attention.
  • We can both have short fuses.

The next time you walk through a parking lot, think about the things we have in common with our mechanical friends. We each have our own quirks, personalities and style. The question is, how much does your car reflect you?

Anytime someone doesn’t practice defensive driving or speeds too fast, gets a ticket and has pay the price both in fines and sitting at the computer taking online traffic school, it has nothing in common with the vehicle in which the person was driving.  All driving errors are behavioral and can and should be controlled by the driver.