Everyone has a funny driving story. Some are unusual, some are silly – but no matter what type of driving story you have to tell, we’re sure that there’s some sort of entertainment value in it. And in the case that your driving story warranted a citation, there’s usually a defensive driving course that can help reduce any fines, offset ticket points, potentially lead to lower insurance premiums and, above all, just give you the proper refresher on how to drive safely the next time you might be in a similar situation.

With that said, here’s a look at some of the funny driving stories we’ve heard in our defensive driving courses from students over the years:

Speeding to the Hospital to Have a Baby

You can never prepare for the exact time a baby will arrive, which is why it’s important to have the hospital bag packed and waiting by the door to grab as you run out the door around the due date. But what happens when your wife goes into labor at home and you’re in such a rush to get to the hospital that you forget her? That’s what happened to one of our former students, as he was pulled over by the police for speeding. When he explained that he needed to get his wife to the hospital to have a baby, he expected the police officer to say, “Follow me,” and light up the squad car. But the officer gave a bewildered reaction and calmly proclaimed, “I think you may have forgotten something.”

In the end, mom made it to the hospital with time to spare and gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Um, That’s Not the Stick Shift

One of our students was taking their driving test in a manual transmission vehicle. The driving test instructor, per the usual, was sitting in the passenger’s seat. Things were going well until the student mistook the driving instructor’s thigh for the stick shift. Though a bit awkward at first, both the student and the instructor had a good laugh about it once they realized what had happened. The student wound up passing the test. Wink, wink.

Traffic Jam Karaoke

Though traffic jams aren’t usually met with excitement and laughter, that wasn’t the case with a recent student of ours. She was caught in rush hour traffic, combined with a traffic accident that blocked two of the three lanes of highway she was driving on. Needless to say, traffic wasn’t going anywhere fast as all the vehicles had to go from three lanes down to just one. But instead of letting the traffic jam get to her, this student cranked up the radio, rolled down the windows and changed the channel until she found a song she knew. Before she knew it, she realized that other drivers around her had done the same thing, and were belting out the same song. If you can’t beat the traffic, you might as well join it… in full-fledged song.

Ultimate Sledding

What do you get when you mix teenage hijinks with extreme sports? Ultimate sledding! One of our students told us a story about how he and his friends used to attach a sled and rope to his friend’s truck hitch and then they’d take turns sledding through neighborhoods after a nice snowfall. His fun came to an end one day when a resident phoned the police. They got off with nothing more than a warning, but were told that if they were caught again they wouldn’t be as fortunate. Oh well, albeit a bit dangerous, it sounds like a fun way to shovel the snow!