If you saw the Jamie Foxx Show, Season 2, Episode 10, when he goes to traffic school, you might be a bit anxious about signing up. Do not worry, the show was very much an exaggeration.
Sure the episode was extremely funny, but they got things wrong. You should relax and know that your school wants you to succeed. They will not be out to fail you as was the case for Jamie and Braxton!
Following are some of the realities of traffic school. You should be thankful things are a lot different than in the show.

You Cannot Bribe the School


When they arrive at the traffic school. Jamie tells his co-worker Braxton that they will not have to stay the entire time. He had heard from reliable sources that it is possible to pay off the school. In return, the instructor will claim the student completed the course, and the traffic infraction would be dismissed.

You better not attempt to bribe a traffic school official. They will not take the offer lightly. You may find yourself turned in to the authorities. Moreover, the state may decide to leave your traffic record as is.

In fact, the authorities may even add another violation to your record because of your unethical behavior.

The Instructor is not a DI

The instructor in this episode is a real character for sure. He obviously has watched a few too many military boot camp films. The students are told to address him as “sir!” He yells and threatens them regardless of what they do. It is the form of intimidation you expect of a drill instructor or prison guard.

Well, you can relax. Nobody will yell at you in a traffic school classroom. The instructors are there to help you pass. They will not treat you like a prison inmate.

And, if you are still a bit concerned that maybe you will get that one rogue instructor from the Jamie Foxx Show, then you can always take your class online. This means you will complete the course from the safety of your home. Nobody can yell at you via the computer screen.

You Can Ask Questions Freely

The traffic school succeeds when you succeed. They want you to be a safer driver. Thus, unlike the instructor in the show, the traffic school staff will answer your questions without personal attacks.

Nor will they get into your face in order to intimidate you. Fear is not a tactic used in the real traffic school classroom. Instead, expect to find compassionate instructors who enjoy their jobs.

No Ten-Hour Mandatory Sessions

Jamie and Braxton “belong” to the instructor for the next ten hours according to the show. Now, that is pure torture.

You will not have to endure such a long duration of traffic school at one time, unless that is your choice. Just sign up for the online version. You can start and complete sessions at your convenience. Too bad Jamie did not think of that?

No Pushups


Jamie had to do over 1000 pushups as punishment for his behavior.

Fortunately, you will never be told to perform any physical activity whatsoever. Just listen to the instructor, study your course material and it will be smooth sailing.

Nobody Goes Home Broken

Repeatedly throughout the show, the instructor tells Jamie and Braxton that he will eventually “break them” down. Supposedly, the students will get tired of the harassment and give up. For some reason that would be a plus to the television instructor.

In real traffic school, the instructors want you to enjoy all the benefits of course completion. Then, you will go on to tell others to attend the school.

They want to “make you” not “break you.”