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Most Recent in Florida

Florida Groups Still Pushing For Distracted Driving Law

Democratic State Senator Maria Sachs has joined with state law enforcement groups to create and pass a new state law which prohibits texting and driving.…

January 30, 2013

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Florida Woman Faces Bribery Charge After Traffic Stop

A Florida woman learned the hard way that when an officer pulls you over and starts to write you a ticket, you should try…

January 23, 2013

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Florida Driver Gets His Sign

Last week a Florida man was pulled over by police after striking a traffic sign. All doubt as to whether or not the man actually hit the sign was resolved…

December 12, 2012

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Florida Supreme Court Taking Breathalyzer Tech To Task

This week the Florida Supreme Court made it clear that the technology used to create breathalyzers was not off-limits to scrutiny, and that defense…

December 5, 2012

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Florida Drivers: Watch For Panthers

Opossum, raccoon, even an occasional armadillo or two; Florida drivers have seen it all, but now state wildlife officials are warning them to be on the lookout for the rare…

November 28, 2012

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Florida Closer To Distracted Driving Ban

The first ever Florida Distracted Driving Summit held last week in Tampa bay, brought together 3,000 people-police, emergency victims, victims of vehicle collisions caused by distracted driving, and public educators-all…

November 21, 2012

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Florida Redesigning License Plates For Traffic Cameras

Florida communities have been quick to make use of new automated traffic cameras to catch drovers who fail to stop when the light turns…

November 6, 2012

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Traffic Fatalities Rise In Florida

Gov. Rick Scott has commissioned a study to determine if texting-while-driving is causing traffic fatalities to increase in his state. Following a report that traffic fatalities in the state have…

October 30, 2012

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Florida Police Cracking Down On ‘Grid-Lock’

In Florida, police are taking a closer look at drivers who fail to stop properly at the beginning of an intersection when the lights have changed. The law states quite…

October 19, 2012

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Florida Cops Actually Do Use Planes To Spot Speeders

You have no doubt seen the signs warning drivers that aircraft might be in use to spot speeders or reckless drivers. It is likely…

October 11, 2012

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