Last week a Florida man was pulled over by police after striking a traffic sign. All doubt as to whether or not the man actually hit the sign was resolved when police saw a piece of the sign sticking out of the man’s head.

That’s right. Leslie Newton was driving east of state road 16 when he apparently struck a road sign. Rather than stopping at the scene and alerting authorities he continued driving. Police witnessed him lose control of his gray Camaro, strike the median and strike the traffic sign, but it took them several minutes to get the man to pull over and stop. When he did, that’s when police say they noticed a piece of the street sign sticking out of his head.

Newton was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was reportedly in critical condition. Police are unsure exactly why he lost control of his vehicle in the first place although they have suspicions that the initial crash was alcohol related. The alcohol might also explain why Newton did not immediately stop after the collisions and why he didn’t stop when he realized he had a piece of a traffic sign sticking out of his head.

Alcohol does tend to have the affect on people. It makes them act in ways they might not normally act; impairs their judgement and their ability to tell a good idea (like NOT driving drunk) from a bad idea (driving around with a piece of a street sign sign in your head.)

Once (if) Newton is released from the hospital police will no doubt want to speak with again regarding his accident. It is likely that while he has been hospitalized a blood sample has been drawn and will be used to determine if he was driving while under the influence of alcohol. If he was DUI, he’ll have to pay some hefty fines, might lose his driving privileges and have some points added to his license.