SUVs are regarded as America’s favorite type of vehicle. Equipped with extra luggage space, off-roading capabilities and command seating, it’s easy to understand why people prefer this model over other vehicles. You don’t need to take a NY defensive driving course to know that you’re safer in an SUV than other cars. Whether you’re driving a Honda CR-V, Jeep Wrangler, or Land Rover, you know why SUVs are superior among the agglomeration of vehicles out there.

Everyone knows how technically great these cars are, but what about emotionally?

When you own a car, it’s the same level of commitment as adding a member to your family. You build a connection and sense of belonging with the car, despite its biological make-up of gears and metal. You could read about the great benefits these cars offer or you could read about the amazing impact these cars have had on families. Below are the top SUV stories.

We’re not in the car dealership lot, anymore

Texas can experience devastating weather conditions. From harsh floods and ravaging tornadoes, living in the Lone Star state can be a whirlwind at times. Derrick Mason and his family experienced these conditions first-hand and survived when they were caught in an EF3 tornado.

The Mason family had their newborn baby with them when the tornado struck. However, they weren’t in the basement or another safe zone. They were in their SUV. Built to take on the rugged roads, these cars weren’t exactly made to challenge a turbulent tornado that they were about to experience.

After being beaten and blown about, the family escaped the storm with minimal harm done. The durable structure of the SUV protected them as the tornado tossed the vehicle across the Texas fields. Thanks to the stability and, seemingly, extra space, the Mason family were able to see a brighter tomorrow.

Please bear with my SUV

Some bears enjoy honey and picnic baskets. Others love the comfort seating and additional cargo space that an SUV offers. At least that’s true for one bear who got to experience this first-paw in Longwood, Florida.

One family walked outside to the unbearable sight of a bear rummaging through their car – with all the doors shut. The single, furry monster was stuck inside! While trapped in the vehicle, the bear destroyed as much of the seats, interior paneling, and roof as it could.

The most impressive feat wasn’t the bear being stuck in the SUV, but the bear being able to fit inside the car with the doors shut. We knew SUVs were spacious, but we had no idea they were spacious enough to fit an entire bear!

A cushiony drop

SUVs are superb in regards to safety. They have trusted airbags, durable paneling, and… a cushiony exterior. Like a mattress protecting cushioning your fall, a woman in Houston was able to use her Toyota SUV as a soft surface during a devastating accident.

After she confused her acceleration pedal for the brakes, a woman unintentionally drove her SUV off the 3rd floor of a parking garage. The vehicle plunged to the ground between an apartment building. On the inside of the vehicle, the woman experienced very little injuries, if any at all.

To everyone’s amazement, the vehicle was able to cushion the fall and minimize the damage caused by the impact. Next time you’re wanting to snuggle up in bed with a good pillow, try using the paneling from your SUV instead, it might be softer.