When it comes to taking the public transportation in New York, the process can be headache inducing. Being packed in a cramped space with strangers varying from body odor is less than ideal for any sane person. However, not all transportation stories in New York end in a sweaty man putting his knee up against yours for way too long.

There’s some positive stories that happen in NY Transportation. We’re not talking about how your bus driver most likely took an online defensive driving course. We’re talking about wholesome, feel good stories.

To make your commute on the bus, train, or subway a little bit better, we’ve compiled a list of the top positive NY transportation stories that will brighten your day. Though – we can’t do anything about that manspreader.

A Mother and Daughter Bonding Moment

New York City is famous (and infamous) for their subway system. It brings together strangers, lovers, and families. One story from the New York Times shares the bonding story between a college student and her mother.

Kio Herrera was a college student in her second semester studying at a local university. She would ride the A and C trains to and from her classes. Her mom accompanied her on these journeys. After leaving the rush of the bustling A train – they found solace in the quiet moments on the C. The quietness was filled with the mother providing life advice to Kio and telling her about stories to help her grow as a person living in the city.

It wasn’t until after Kio graduated that she looked back on these moments with joy and gratitude. Sure – her mother provided her with valuable parenting advice. But, that was the moment she really got to know her parent for the first time.

A Charming Thief

Not all criminals are horrible people. One night on her trip back from work, a woman found herself in frustration waiting on a slow train. A man walked up to her. “Frustrating, right?” The stranger asked. After nodding, the man began engaging in conversation with her.

He pulled out foreign cash and an expensive wallet and asked, “Do you think this is real?” The woman asked where he found these items and he replied, “I found them.” A sure sign of stealing them out of a person’s back pocket.

The stranger began to tell the woman she reminded him of a close family member and engaged in a long conversation. This guy wasn’t all that bad – despite being a thief. After he left, the woman realized that she was distracted from the frustrations of the train. For a second, she had forgotten about all her problems.

A Crazed Stranger with an Angelic Voice

You never know the kind of strangers you will discover while riding a train. They could spat off disillusioned political opinions, stare at you for too long, or just ruin your day with an aggressive attitude. Christian Lopez was having a rough day, and any one of these would be the icing on the cake.

When a man, who had that crazed sparkle in his eye, stepped onto the train – Christian knew something was about to happen. The man beckoned to the bus something along the lines of “I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!”

“Here we go,” Christian thought.

The man began singing. His voice wasn’t scratchy and obnoxious, as one would expect. It was pleasant and angelic. For the first time that day, Christian became calm and filled with joy as the man sang a beautiful song. Everyone on the train wouldn’t look at the man, but they listened intently. Instead of causing mayhem and mischief, a stranger dodged expectation to make everyone a little happier.