Out of all the states our AZ traffic school, MyImprov.com services, we receive the second-highest amount of inquiries from Arizona, second only to calls for help coming in from New York.

To assist those with their upcoming debacle named Arizona Traffic School, or in some cases termed AZ Defensive Driving, here are the top answers to those most frequently asked questions about the course:

Q: What is AZ traffic school?

A: AZ traffic school is a program comprised of driving-related and traffic safety material. Instead of receiving a grade or credit like you do from other schools, your successful completion of this course will mask/remove points from your driving record.

Q: How much does online traffic school cost in AZ?

A: Easily our most popular question, the actual cost of AZ traffic school depends on where you got your ticket and what county and court is listed on your ticket.

A: There are three fees that will stay the same no matter what traffic school you take…

1. State Fee: $20.00
2. State Surcharge Fee: $45.00
3. Court Diversion Fee (Depends on Court): $35.00 – $150.00
… and the traffic school fee will fluctuate depending on the school
4. Our current 2017 Fee: $37.45

Q: In dollars & cents, what is the cost of online traffic school?

A: Depending on your court, it will approximately cost between $137.45 and $252.45

Q: How long is traffic school online?

A: You are required by AZ State law to spend a minimum of four (4) hours in the course.

Q: How does traffic school online work?

A: Although every traffic school presents the AZ-Approved material in their own, unique way – AZ traffic school basically works like this:

1. Sign up and register for AZ traffic school
2. Take and Pass the course
3. Traffic school reports the completion to the AZ Traffic Court
4. Your ticket is dismissed and points are prevented from showing up on your record
5. You do nothing else!

Q: How do I sign up for traffic school?

A: First, look here: AZ Court Official Website for List of Certified Schools to find an approved traffic school. We are listed under: An Online Traffic School by the Improv Comedy Club
You can sign up for traffic school online, by phone (800-660-8908), by mail or in person.

Q: How do I request traffic school?

A. If you are eligible to take traffic school, you will see an option box on your ticket. By clicking that option box you are requesting/agreeing to take traffic school to dismiss your ticket.
You can do this by mail, phone or the court website.

Q: Am I eligible to take traffic school online?

A: If your ticket and/or courtesy notice says that you are eligible to take traffic school AND you haven’t attended traffic school within 12 months, then you are most likely eligible to take the course.

However, no matter what, an approved AZ Traffic School is REQUIRED to officially confirm your eligibility by inspecting a copy of your driver license and actual ticket.

Q: What if I do not have a copy of the actual traffic ticket? Can the traffic school confirm my eligibility a different way?

A: You can call the traffic court and they can fax a copy of the actual ticket to you or to the school. This is THE ONLY way a traffic school can LEGALLY confirm your eligibility.

Q: How often can you complete online traffic school?

A: You can take AZ traffic school once every 12 months… for infinity.

Q: What do you do in traffic school?

A: Read, listen, and watch material on AZ traffic laws, car facts, defensive driving skills, traffic statistics and more. You will also take a final quiz at the end of the course or, if you are taking our MyImprov.com AZ Course, you will answer 2-3 quiz questions after each chapter. There are 10 chapters in our course.

Q: Can I fail the online traffic school course?

A: Yes, but do not fret! You are allowed to copy and paste the course material, so the quizzes/finals are “open book.” As long as you get 20 out of 25 multiple choice questions correct, you pass!
If you happen to fail, then you will have to go to a classroom course to take the course over. Court fees will be forwarded, however, you will not receive a refund for the traffic school fee.

Q: Where can I complete MyImprov’s online traffic school?

A: You can take our MyImprov.com online course on your computer, smart phone or any device that has an internet connection! It is mostly reading… therefore you will be scrolling down the screen for the most part and occasionally watch (optional-only) videos.

Q: Does online traffic school erase traffic tickets/DMV points?

A. Completing and passing AZ traffic school will prevent the new points associated with your current traffic ticket from being added to your driving record…it will not remove existing points from your record. Only court-ordered Traffic Survivor School can do that.

Q: When is my online traffic school due?

A: You need to complete AZ traffic school SEVEN (7) days before your court appearance date.

Q:It might be too late for me to take online traffic school. Is there anything else I can do?

A: Yes! You can call the traffic court on your ticket and ask them for an extension. They usually give a minimum of one extension per case.