Traffic jams are the bane to every commuters’ existence. There’s no feeling more infuriating than the one that is caused from having your car stuck in a gridlock while running late for work. They arrive at the worst time!

If everyone decided to enroll in traffic school, we might see a lot less traffic on the roads. But, alas, that day may never come. In the meantime, we can all take pleasure in convincing our friends, coworkers and family members that our traffic tales are the tallest. Everyone has a unique traffic story, and, today we’re compiling a list of the most compelling stories that happen while gridlocked. Here are our top 5 traffic stories.

Baby Birth on Board

In 2013, Atlanta, Georgia experienced a horrific snow storm that brought all cars on its major highway to a halt. People were livid at the sight of mother nature’s white fury covering the roads. They had places to be and people to visit. One couple in particular had somewhere to be – and it was the hospital.

The couple was pregnant with a child and they were on their way to the hospital to give birth. The traffic created a road block for them, but not the baby. “Alice” was there to witness the couple give birth to a baby, with the help of others, in a snowstorm… in traffic. Afterwards, there was a soiree at the nearby Taco Bell to party.

Highway Horsepower

It was just another day for “Bill and Diane.” They were commuting to work in Houston, Texas, the sky was clear, and there was an unusual amount of traffic on the road. In the corners of their eyes, something caught their attention.

As they turned around, they saw a long line of horses walking through the gridlock traffic being manned by their riders. The rodeo was in town, and the horse riders were caravanning to town via horseback. It was a great time for rodeo fans, but a bad time for the 9 to 5’ers.

Changing Perspective

Writer “Antonio” was sitting in traffic one day – as he did every day. Relatable, we know. To the right of his car, a person began honking sporadically. “Antonio” noticed their car was rear ending the vehicle in front of them.

“Antonio” rolled down his window to give the reckless driver a piece of his mind, but, before he could say anything, the driver snapped back at him. They weren’t rear ending the car in front of them, because the car in front of them was backing into them. Just then, “Antonio’s” perspective of the road completely changed.

Needle Through the Thread of Traffic

Seattle is known for its coffee and rain. However, what people often forget is the amount of traffic located in the seaport city. “Will Sanders” was retired and vacationed to the city once a year. From his hotel room, he could see the famous Space Needle in the distance. Then, as every curious tourist decides to do, he got in his car to check out the tower.

What was hoped to be a curious trip through the city turned out to be a horrific experience in stand-still traffic. It took Sanders two and a half hours to finally give up on his journey and head back to his hotel room. After parking, he walked to the Space Needle… in 10 minutes.

Typhoon Season

A lot can happen in 12 hours. For 14-year old Patricia Lontoc, it was getting to know her mom and dad a little bit more while they were in standstill traffic. The reason for the traffic jam was because a typhoon was striking their area.

Where Lontoc is from, Typhoons are a natural part of the season. However, what wasn’t a natural part of the season, was the irreplaceable experience she gained from getting to know her family a bit closer.