Christmas is right around the corner and if you are looking for the perfect gift for the tech and car lover in your life, then there are a lot of cool car gadgets to choose from this year. These are some of the coolest gadgets you can choose from and your friend or family members will be able to use them all year long.

1. Dash Cam

You do not want to become a victim and when you have a dash cam in your car, you have an extra set of eyes. You would not only be providing a camera to the recipient of this gift, but you would also be providing them safety.

2. Smartphone Holders

Smartphone Holders – You can help your loved one keep their eyes on the road while keeping their phone within reach. With the right holder, they can even mount it to the most ideal place in their car, so they can see what they need while driving.

3. iPad Headrest Mounts

If you know someone who has children, this is the perfect gift. It will allow them to keep their kids occupied on long road trips and on the weekly trips they have to take them to the grocery store or to their latest practice.

4. Radar Detector

If you want to help keep your loved one out of the way of the law, then this is the perfect gift. It can be used while in FL traffic to monitor any police cars that are in the area and help them prevent getting any speeding tickets.

5. In-Dash Car Stereos

You may know someone that does not have a great car stereo. The in-dash car stereos have come a long way and you can now get an awesome car stereo for a car that is just like the ones found in the newer models.

6. Virtual Assistant

Know someone who loves Amazon Alexa or Google Home? Well this is the perfect device for them that works much the same way. They can connect it to their vehicle and then simple ask for things like directions whenever they need it or are lost.

7. USB Car Charger

If you know someone who is always letting their phone die, then a great option for them is a high-powered USB car charger. This is the perfect gift for the tech person who spends a lot of time in their vehicle and needs a lot of phone power.

8. Tracking Device

While this is not necessarily a car gadget, it can be used to make sure that the forgetful person in your life doesn’t ever lose their keys again. All they have to do is put the tracking device on their keys and connect it to their phone.

9. Back-Up Camera

Another great benefit of a newer car is a back-up camera. If you know someone that would love one of these but can’t get a new car just yet, then this is the perfect gift. They will love the benefits they get from this camera.

10. Emergency Escape Tool

This is a great gift for any driver. This tool will allow them to stay safe and get out of the vehicle even in the direst of situations. This is an inexpensive gadget that you could get every driver on your list.

If you are looking to not only have the best tech for your car or for your loved one, you should also consider taking a course from the best comedy defensive driving school, so you can become a safer and better driver.