Everybody likes to make fun of the Packers’ Cheeseheads and Seahawks diehard Hawk Daddy, but when it comes to crazy fans, soccer definitely surpasses American football. The World Cup offers excellent proof of this phenomenon.

The stands are overflowing with drunken, rowdy and very loyal fans. Their combination of alcohol consumption and extreme loyalty often results in very creative costuming; when it comes to outfits at the World Cup, there’s no such thing as shame!

Perfect milkmaid cleavage or stolen soccer balls? You decide! – Getty Images

The Brazilian equivalent of the classic Groucho Marx costume includes over-sized glasses, a ridiculously large comb and thousands of sequins. – Reuters

This guy wins a 15 carrot gold medal for this outfit. – AP

Who knew that live tweeting at the World Cup could be so darn colorful? – Reuters

Still less annoying than Green Bay Packers fans. – ESPN

Are these airline-inspired fans flying high… or just plain high? – ESPN

It’s hard to say what’s most impressive on this Ivory Coast fan: the body paint, the floral earrings or the very sedate reaction to a spectacular goal. – ESPN

Perhaps Brazil’s success at the World Cup can be attributed to the athletes’ crazy Jim Carrey alter egos. – Getty Images

This costume not only has a lifelike dinosaur puppet, but also realistic nipples. – Getty Images

“Hey you, gimme a high four!” – Getty Images

The guy on the right is having second thoughts about this costume. – Getty Images

“Can’t believe I spilled all this ketchup on my nice new bodysuit!” – Reuters

This American fan took the concept of patriotic hipster to a whole new level, showing off the stars and stripes via bald spots and facial hair. – Reuters

That’s a real mustache. Portuguese men are just that manly. – Reuters

Soccer hooligans find colorful ways to mask their identity. – Getty Images

This guy had one too many powdered donuts during the pregame tailgate. – ESPN

Politics often play a huge role at the World Cup, but this is just overkill. – Reuters

An Italian mime takes a break from escaping an imaginary box to watch some World Cup. – Reuters

Bruce Willis is very popular among Ghanaian soccer fans. – Getty Images

According to the usual stereotypes, this is how an American looks when he’s about to chow down on a Big Mac. – ESPN

“Oh great, now the whole world gets to see us in these silly hats. Thanks Dad.” – Getty Images

American soccer fans: why so serious? – Reuters

The 2014 World Cup: Now With 1000% More Elephants! – ESPN

This colorful elephant rivals the trippiy pachyderms of Dumbo’s Pink Elephants On Parade. – Getty Images

General Patton never wore a USA Miss America sash, did he? – Twitter/cjzero

Chain mail selfies are super popular with the kids these days… but they’re still better than mirror selfies and behind-the-wheel selfies. – Getty Images

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