In the search for a resolution to the texting while driving epidemic, several options are being employed. Many apps have been developed for smartphones which will automatically reply to incoming texts or disable the phone from being used when the app detects that the receiver is in a moving vehicle. There are even apps for parents to lock their child’s phone until the car comes to a complete stop. Defensive driving courses have increased efforts to teach about the dangers of texting while driving. Voice texting is used by some, although it hasn’t proven to be much better or safer than regular texting.

One of the apparently more effective tools in combating distracted driving is texting and driving pledge. When parents encourage their teen drivers to take the pledge, they are making sure their teen knows the magnitude of the dangers of texting while driving. The texting and driving pledge is the driver’s promise that no text is so important that it needs to be responded to while driving. It reminds them that texting and driving put themselves, their passengers and others on the road in danger and can be a powerful adjunct to adefensive driving course that emphasizes the dangers of distracted driving.

Texting While Driving Quotes

While distracted driving is a serious business, there are some light-hearted texting while driving quotes that can help make the point as well. Here are a few:

“The only time you should text and drive is when what you have to say is more important than your very life.” ~ Anonymous

“Honk if you love Jesus. Text while driving if you want to meet him.” ~ Seen on church signs
“There may be more dangerous things to do than texting while driving but it must be a very short list”
~ Anonymous

“Drive now. Text later.” ~ Unknown

“Tyrannosaurus texts while driving. Tyrannosaurus Wrecks.” ~ Unknown

“Stay alive, don’t text and drive.” ~ Unknown

Be sure to share this texting while driving quotes with someone you care about. If you want to help limit texting and driving, have a discussion with your teen driver and have them take the texting and driving pledge. It can help make the roadways just that much safer for all of us.