The Texas Department of Transportation has launched an all-out campaign advising drivers who plan on celebrating Super Bowl Sunday with beers and burgers to find a designated driver or just stay home.

Texas is known as the home of American football, so it stands to reason they take their football celebrations as seriously as they do their game. Unfortunately, no matter how much they love football and having fun with their friends while they watch the game, there is no excuse for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Texas police are big football fans themselves, but they are not know for letting football fans go if they get caught drinking and driving. In fact, in Texas, if you are caught driving under the influence of alcohol you can expect to spend at least a night in jail, face serious fines and court fees and the possible suspension of your driving privileges.

The Texas Department of Transportation is getting involved because a survey they did in 2009 showed nearly half of everyone they asked admitted they drove drunk during Super Bowl Sunday. That means that nearly half of every driver on the road that day had likely been drinking earlier in the day. The odds are already against you if you drive drunk, but if you are driving drunk on a day when half of all the cars you are sharing the road with are being driven by someone drunk, the odds get even worse.

Before you get behind the wheel this Super Bowl Sunday make certain you are completely sober. If you have plans to down some beers while the game is on be certain you arrange for a safe and sober ride home in advance. If you are hosting a party for your friends, be responsible and make certain they have safe and sober rides home-or provide the number for a taxi service so they can make it home safe and be available to come visit you next time.