For families in Texas who are suffering from somewhat extreme economic difficulties, the state has created a license designed for their younger members. Teens 15 years and older may be eligible to drive with a hardship license in order to assist their family’s needs.

The Hardship License only gives them access to drive as long as they are in route to school or to assist with necessary household errands and emergencies. Answer the questions below then click “Check Eligibility” to see if you or a family member is eligible.

1. Is your family facing an unusual financial hardship and is being deprived of the basic necessities of life?

2. Does a member of your family need transportation in order to get medical treatment and you are the only one who can take them?:

3. Do you need to drive in order to keep your household running?

4. Are you enrolled in a certified vocational educational program?

5. Are you 15 years old or older?

6. Have you completed the classroom portion of the Texas Driver Ed program?

7. Do you have proof of residence, citizenship, identification and a social security card?

8. Are you 18 or older?