Just days after a recommendation by the National Transportation Safety Board that all states pass a comprehensive cell-phone texting ban for drivers, some Texas lawmakers say it is not likely to be enacted in Texas.

Anyone who is defensive driving in Texas doesn’t need a ban to know distracted driving is unsafe.
According to a recent story in the Houston Chronicle the odds of such a bill passing the Texas legislature are slim, if not completely non-existent. Just this past summer Texas governor Rick Perry vetoed a bill which would have imposed restrictions on texting while driving. Perry has made it clear these restrictions should be enacted only at the local level, and not be subject to statewide or nationwide bans.
The Texas Department of Transportation recently reported that cellphone use was a factor in more than 3,400 accidents last year, with more than 40 fatalities reported as a result. That is a near five percent increase since their last report in 2006.
Despite lawmakers resistance to a statewide ban on texting and driving, or any type of distracted driving, defensive drivers understand the risk. This means drivers are bearing the brunt of responsibility for their actions behind the wheel in Texas. It is not a license to continue to operate your vehicle in an unsafe manner in Texas. In fact, several major Texas cities have already taken steps to curb cell phone and texting use by drivers. It’s just a statewide ban which seems unlikely in Texas.
Texas citizens take pride in the fact they “Remember the Alamo”, hopefully they can also remember to hang up the phone. If you still have your doubts, consider a defensive driving course.

Image: akeeris / FreeDigitalPhotos.net