Starting this week, if you want a driver’s license in Texas better be prepared to prove you live there. That’s right, Texas Department of Public Services workers will now need to see your proof of residency before they will hand over your new driver’s license. That form of proof can come from a utility bill, a lease or something else, but you’ll need two of them (two proofs) to meet the new state requirements.

Not only do you need to prove you are a resident of the state, but you’ll need to show you have been a resident for the past 30 days. If you have not lived in the state for at least 30 days, but can prove you do in fact live in Texas, the state will allow you to get a license if you surrender your driver’s license from your previous state.

Critics have said the new law is aimed at controlling illegal immigration, but state officials say it is meant to protect public safety.

Under the new law DPS officials are required to ask all new applicants for a driver’s license or ID card to present two documents showing the person’s name and address to establish proof of residency in the state.

Those documents have to show a person has lived in Texas at least 30 days. Residents with less than 30 days can have that requirement waived by surrendering a valid out-of-state driver license.

Prior to the new rules, DPS officers were allowed to ask for proof of your citizenship or legal status in the country – with something like a passport or birth certificate.

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