A Texas driver learned the hard way that when you collide with something on the highway you should pull over and check to make certain your vehicle is not damaged. It would also be wise to notify the authorities immediately that there is an obstruction in the road, especially if it’s a large piece of furniture, like, say, a recliner.

That’s the lesson learned by a Texas driver who struck a recliner on Interstate 45 in Texas City on Sunday. The driver has not been identified but police say he was northbound in a Mercedes-Benz when he collided with the recliner. Police say the man did not stop, nor did he notify authorities there was something in the road. He continued on his way until other drivers began urging him to pull over because the side of his vehicle was on fire.

That’s when the man stopped, saw the fire and called police.

Texas police are investigating the entire incident as an “accident” but have not yet said where the recliner came from or who the driver of the Mercedes was.

The lesson to be learned is quite simple: If you collide with something on the road do yourself a favor and stop to check that your vehicle is ok. It might seem like a minor collision, and indeed might have been a minor collision, but it is difficult to determine if your vehicle has been damaged unless you stop to check. If you are on a busy roadway, pull over safely away from other vehicles before you check. If there is an obstacle in the roadway be certain you contact police and advise them about what the obstacle is and where it is located so it can be moved and further collisions can be avoided.

Just pretending the collision never happened and going on about your business leaves you at risk for suffering further damage down the road. It also does nothing to alleviate the dangers for others drivers who have not yet happened upon the impediment.