Don’t mess with Texas, especially if you are prone to driving under the influence of alcohol.

Distracted driving might be getting a lot of attention lately, especially after the National Transportation Safety Board said it was more dangerous than driving under the influence, but drinking and driving didn’t suddenly become less dangerous. In fact, it’s just as dangerous as it ever was which is why defensive drivers know better.

Unfortunately, not everyone who gets behind the wheel of an automobile is a defensive driver. Some are just plain stupid. Which is why Texas Department of Transportation is helping to spread the word about the dangers of driving under the influence. A new mobile virtual reality program which simulates the experience of driving under the influence of alcohol has been setting up shop around the state, especially at schools and colleges where young, more inexperienced drivers, have an opportunity to climb inside and strap on the special goggles.

Called ‘Watch UR BAC’, the Texas DOT is making the program available for free to community organizations, schools and anyone else interested in helping others learn about the dangers of driving under the influence. The fact is when you’re drunk your reflexes slow, your reactions time is delayed and your brain just doesn’t work as well as it does when you aren’t sober.

With Spring Break just around the corner Texas authorities are trying to increase the awareness of driving drunk in the hopes that at least some students will take their warnings to heart and not get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

If you get pulled over for Driving Under the Influence in Texas you face a mandatory 72 hours in jail (or as much as six days) and up to $2,000 in fines for your first offense. You may also get your driver’s license suspended for up to a full year and be required to attend a court ordered traffic school.

The best idea when it comes to drinking and driving is just not to do it.

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