It is bad enough we have to pay income taxes year after year, but now a new report published Wednesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association said tax day has another, more subtle but no less painful, side-effect: Our chances of being a fatal traffic crash goes up by six percent.

The AMA study focused on the 6,783 people who died in car crashes in the U.S. over the last 30 years on April 15, compared to the week preceding tax day and the week that comes after and found that the average number of fatal crashes increases by about 13, which is an increase of about 6 percent.

Researchers say there are likely a number of factors which cause the annual increase. Many people are under more stress during tax season than other times of the year. This added stress might make them less able to focus on safe driving, or make them more likely to succumb to aggressive driving while on the roadway. Tax day is also the last filing day of the year so it is possible more drivers are taking to the roads to visit the local post office and file before the deadline.

It is also possible some drivers are under the influence of alcohol, due to the stressful nature of tax season, or are deprived of sleep for the same reason.

Unfortunately, not only are late filers and stressed filers under more risk of suffering a vehicle crash on tax day, but so is anyone who happens to be on the roads that day. As a driver you face not only the hazards which you might create, through distracted or aggressive driving, speeding or simply making a driving error, but also the hazards presented by everyone who shares the road with you.

This tax season do yourself a favor and be prepared to drive defensively. You should be doing this every day, anyway, but if not, Tax Day is a good time to start.