Marion Williams, 59, of Roosevelt, Long Island, has had his New York state driver’s license suspended no fewer than 201 times. If that isn’t enough to shock you perhaps the fact that police recently arrested while he was driving. On a suspended license. In a vehicle with a busted tail light.

Police ran his driver’s license and saw the suspension, plus the fact he had so many previous suspensions.Williams was arrested on the spot on a felony charge of driving on a suspended license with a record of at least 20 prior suspensions. He is being held on $10,000 bail.

Driving on a suspended license is serious business and police frown on it as a matter of course. In Williams’ case the New York Department of Motor Vehicles says that nearly 200 of his license suspensions were caused by his failure to pay parking tickets or even answer them. However, regardless of why his license was suspended, his driving privileges had been suspended and he was not legally permitted to be driving any vehicle, especially one with faulty equipment.

In New York, a city with literally millions of drivers crammed into a very small space, it is important that every driver takes their responsibility behind the wheel seriously, and follows the letter of the law. Plus, public transportation options abound, so there is never a reason in New York to drive illegally.

Our ny defensive driving course teaches all drivers and future drivers the dangers of not being a good defensive drivers. Ignoring parking tickets and driving on a suspended license are two good examples of NOT driving defensively.