Automobile safety features abound, but the most advanced of these are usually reserved for luxury, high priced models. Subaru is trying to change all that by incorporating a host of the latest, most advanced safety features into a single package they are calling ‘EyeSight’ which they intend to make available in their more affordable vehicle models.

Subaru will debut the EyeSight system at the New York International Auto Show in April. They said the new features will begin appearing in the 2013 Legacy sedan and Outback wagon, which start at $20,000-$24,000.

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Subaru is now trying to increase the odds of having a safe trip every time you go for a ride. The EyeSight system uses a combination of features, working in concert to avoid obstacles. There are three subsystems which combine to form the basis of the EyeSight system: Pre-Collision Braking Control and Collision Mitigation, Lane Departure and Sway Warning, and Adaptive Cruise Control. The main component is stereo dual video cameras mounted on the back of the rear view mirror. These cameras can detect obstacles in front of the car, and the lane markers, to provide a warning if your car drifts, and even shut down the throttle if you try to accelerate toward something.

Adaptive Cruise Control works by identifying the vehicle ahead of you and maintaining a safe following distance. Pre-Collision Braking Control uses the mounted video cameras to detect objects in your path and automatically apply the brakes in preparation of a collision.

Subaru says the EyeSight features will not be fully automatic, meaning drivers can turn them off if they prefer to navigate the hazards of driving on their own. But we feel anything which gives you an advantage when you get behind the wheel is worth keeping active every time you drive.