A New York who suffered at the hands of a street thug who stole his wallet, took his driving license and proceeded to rack up traffic violations has had his driving privileges suspended for the past 16 months, with no end in sight for the suspension.

Although the man who stole and used the driving license of Saverio Careri was apprehended and eventually served four days in jail, the problems with Careri’s license continues. He has petitioned the court and made several request for his license to be reinstated, all with no result.

Careri knew something was up when he got a ticket for driving while using a cell phone in the mail last February on a day he was in the Bahamas on vacation.

He told police his identity was stolen but all they said was they were on the case.

Two months later, Careri got a ticket for speeding down the Belt Parkway in the mail on a night he was at work and learned his license was suspended.

After he was found not guilty by a judge in traffic court and got his license re-instated, Careri got yet another letter in the mail in August – this time telling him his license was back on the shelf after failing a breathalyzer test and no-showing a court appearance on a DWI charge.

“I thought this case was going to be so easy. I had a passport saying I was out of the country and they even had his finger prints,” said Careri.

“I thought it was going to be a breeze but somehow I’m stuck doing this 16 months. It’s ridiculous.”

Officials for the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office declined to comment and said the case is still under investigation.

If you suspect your license has been stolen or even lost, notify your local department of vehicles right away. Do not wait to receive notice of a problem, of the problem may become to unwieldy for you to control.