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A brief summary of traffic violations to avoid if possible.

Picture this: You’re running late to work, you’re running red lights, you’re going 60 in a 55… and then you get pulled over for speeding.

There are many instances where a speeding ticket may end up with a small fine. This is usually the case for tickets for going slightly above the speed limit, but for instances of going significantly above the speed limit… they can quickly escalate to further action.

There is plenty of factors (like the example above) that can add up to a traffic violation, many of which can result in serious consequences. A factor that can definitely tip the scale for toxic driving is the abuse of alcohol when operating a vehicle, which is not only harmful to the driver… as it to fellow drivers on the road. This instance can escalate to criminal charges, resulting to a situation where you need to seek a lawyer for resolution.

So with the information above, being aware of what you may be in for can be a blessing in disguise in regards to driving. However, if these situations happen by accident or simply due to negligence of the law, here’s a brief list of situations you may find yourself in.

Several Speeding Tickets

A speeding ticket is easily handled with a fine or a court date depending on the state. If it’s your first time encountering a speeding ticket, you may not be penalized to the furthest extent of the law. However, this all depends on how far above the speed limit you were going.

Speeding ticket result in points on your license (bad) and additional fines (really bad) for repeat offenders. In a worst case scenario, it can result to a loss of license… leaving a “need for speed” riding shotgun.

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is what occurs when a driver is dangerously above the speed limit. This is handled as a serious matter, which is why hiring a lawyer is advised. However, if you and your lawyer cannot see eye to eye… the price might be your license. The reason for this is the fact that points placed on record could be substantial enough to loose your license after one instance of reckless driving.


Driving under the influence (DUI) is dangerous regardless of the situation, but the penalties vary by state. As you can be arrested for a DUI, the punishments vary between costly court fines/fees, loss of driving privileges, community service, and possible jail time. Most importantly, a DUI will stay on your record for years… which not only affects your car insurance, but it affects your job opportunities as well.

Sued For Injury

Laws exist for a reason, as many traffic laws exist to protect a people from themselves… and speed limits exist specifically for this reason. When going beyond the speed limit (especially when a driver is under the influence) all fingers are pointed at you for the blame if a collision occurs. When this happens, you’ll more than likely get sued. If you loose in the courtroom, you’ll be paying for another person’s medical bills… and possibly more for the suffering and pain you’ve caused.

In Closing

With this being said, brushing up on traffic school or defensive driving courses wouldn’t such a bad idea. You’ll not only benefit from becoming a better driver, but if you already have driving violations on your record a class can help restore your license in good faith by avoiding points and dismissing traffic tickets. If you’re in good standing with your license, an excellent perk that some car insurance companies offer is discounts to what you’re paying. Brushing up on driving safety not only benefits the driver, but improves the safety of everyone else on the road as well.