When it comes to the dangers of speeding the worst thing a driver faces is an obstacle. This is likely why speeding in heavily congested areas is such a killer.

New York defensive drivers know better than to speed, whether or not they are in heavy traffic; in the country or in the city. When a driver exceeds the maximum safe speed they are limiting their ability to react in a timely fashion, and might even be pushing their vehicle beyond its safe limits. What they might not know is that their tire traction is reduced, their vehicle handling is often diminished and they just won’t have the time they need to stop their vehicle safely, avoiding a crash, when they speed.

As a driving infraction speeding has lost some of its luster as efforts are made to promote awareness of distracted driving and driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. However, although it is not the leading cause of traffic fatalities it is still in the top three factors. many drivers who are impaired, either because they aren’t paying attention or because they are impaired, are usually also exceeding the posted speed limit, adding to their problems.

New York roadways are widely considered some of the most heavily congested roadways in America, if not the world. This means that drivers often succumb to their frustration at not moving by stomping on the accelerator every chance they get. Because roads are congested it is that much more difficult to predict what will happen around you; who might pull in front of you or what obstacle you might be confronted with next. If you are speeding the time you have to react to these obstacles is greatly shortened, leaving little time to do anything except say “oh no!”

If you find yourself driving in New York consider that some drivers will be ignoring the handheld devices ban, some will be driving drunk and some will be speeding, and drive accordingly.