New York Speeding Tickets

If you live in the Empire State, you probably know how expensive New York speeding tickets are. New York speeding tickets not only carry stiff fines and fees, but since New York employs a point system it can have other negative effects. It can result in increased auto insurance rates and suspension of your driving privileges.

Are you aware of just how prevalent speed related accidents are? The alarming fact is that excessive speed is involved in most NY crashes. While New York speeding tickets are costly, they pale in comparison to the costs involved with speed related crashes.

Here are some of the facts from the New York Department of Motor Vehicles from 2011.

  • There were 28,147 speed related crashes that year involving 43,249 vehicles.
  • Amazingly, out of those 28,147 speed related crashes, 58% were single vehicle crashes.
  • Of the full total of speed related accidents, 284 involved fatalities.
  • In those fatal accidents there were 319 persons killed, 195 of which were speeding drivers.
  • Statistics show that 18,843 people were injured in speed related crashes.
  • Most speed related crashes occur between 3pm to 6pm.
  • Of the 28,147 speed related crashes, 11,934 were investigated by New York State Police, 7,260 were investigated by county police, 3,509 by the New York City Police, and 5,444 from other municipal police departments other than the NYCPD.

Since speed is involved in most NY crashes, you can minimize your chances of being involved by taking two very simple steps.

  1. Don’t drive using excessive speed.
  2. Practice defensive driving techniques.

Defensive driving teaches you to constantly anticipate another driver’s moves. It prepares you to become aware of what could happen should another person do the unexpected. In short, it teaches you techniques that will help you “watch out for the other guy”. Defensive driving may not keep you from getting New York speeding tickets, but it can help you avoid speed related accidents. In some circumstances, taking an online defensive course may mask a speeding violation from your driving record and save you money on your auto insurance. Not even our defensive driving course can prevent you from getting a New York speeding ticket however. That is totally up to you.