For couples and secret admirers, Valentine’s Day is the time to shine. This once-a-year date allows sweethearts to flex their romantic muscles and show their partners how much they appreciate them. The goal of this day to show your affection, whether it’s through a romantic candle light dinner or a defensive driving course.

Unless you’re a soulless monster, Jake.

Because who breaks up with someone after 3 years of passionate, genuine love in the middle of a blizzard outside of a Baz Bagels & Restaurant the day before Valentine’s Day, Jake!? WHO WOULD EVER DO THAT, JAKE!?

Anyway, we just happen to have a list of Valentine’s Day destination ideas for no particular reason. You can use these ideas to take your loving partner on a romantic getaway or to vacation by yourself, because that’s totally understandable and very expected on Valentine’s Day.

The Red Coach Inn

Remember how we used to talk about going to Niagara Falls in the winter to see if the water will freeze over, Jake? I mean, this romantic hotel has a perfect view of Niagara Falls – especially from your warm, regal hotel room. On sight is a luxurious restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a delicious buffet.

During your stay at the Red Coach Inn, you’ll be given priority treatment. So, expect to find some chocolates on your bed.

Mohonk Mountain House

Perfect for this time of year, the Mohonk Mountain House is a castle tucked away in the Hudson valley of upstate New York. There are live events, indoor heated pools, spas, and seasonal activities that will keep you active your entire stay.

Whether you need a relaxing, romantic getaway or to live out your fantasy of being a princess and Jake – I mean – your partner as a prince in a wintery castle, the Mohonk Mountain House will be the perfect stay for you.

Tarrytown Castle Hotel & Spa

Speaking of spas and castles, the Tarrytown Castle Hotel & Spa is another great idea that I have on my list for no apparent reason whatsoever. I totally didn’t expect any romantic person, who I have known for the past 3 years, to take me to the Sankara spa or the luxury, gourmet Equss restaurant – which are all amenities of the Tarrytown Castle Hotel & Spa.

With special offers for couples, the spa and restaurants you’ll find at Tarrytown Castle are ideal for two people. Not one.

Thousand Islands

Not just the excessive amount of dressing that I’m using to cope with my feeling, Thousand Islands is a seaport town filled with lovely attractions. So, if your partner has an unhealthy obsession with boats, like Jake, then this tiny town would be a great romantic vacation for Valentine’s Day.

You can visit the boat museum, Boldt castle, take an island tour, or explore the Fort Ontario State Historic Site.

Glenmere Mansion

Based in the farmlands of New York’s Hudson Valley, the Glenmere Mansion is ideal for escaping the busy city. This regal Mansion is built in the style of a Tuscan villa and has panoramic view of the surrounding nature preservations. The onsite gardens were built by the first American female landscape architect, which features a diverse set of exotic flowers that will captivate anyone.

It’s also a fantastic location if you were expecting your partner to propose to you on the most romantic day of the year. But, life happens, and Jake leave you for someone else who “gets” him more than you do.

If you’re planning to be swept off your feet and taken to somewhere romantic for Valentine’s Day or you just want to go to a castle spa to cry out your feelings, then consider visiting one of these great destinations.

But, the best romantic gift you can give someone isn’t a loving vacation, but the gift of safe driving and lower insurance rates. So, instead of giving your heartfelt partner flowers, give them a defensive driving course instead.