The number of older Americans driving, those who are 65 or older, is now at 16 percent, with some states posting an even higher share of older drivers. And these numbers are only expected to climb as more Americans live longer, more active, lives.

Older drivers have more experience behind the wheel, obviously, but they are no more or less likely to be safe drivers. And no matter how old or young you are everyone can benefit from successfully completing an online traffic school course. Traffic school can not only help you learn new safe driving techniques, it can also help you recapture old safe driving skills you might have forgotten you had.

According to AAA, the number one cause of death for the average American teenager is a traffic crash. The statistics for senior drivers involved in fatal crashes is much lower. This is no doubt due to the sheer volume of young drivers on the road and their inexperience behind the wheel. Inexperienced drivers tend to take more risks, make poor judgements when it comes to being safe on the road and are also more susceptible to distracted driving, the number one cause of fatal crashes in the U.S.

Although some senior drivers suffer from a decrease in their ability to see clearly without glasses, or slower reflexes and reactions times, they make up for these deficiencies with their experience. They have no doubt seen their fair share of traffic crashes, or received their fair share of traffic citations. All of which has helped them have a better understanding of the dangers they face every time they get behind the wheel.

There is no point in arguing over who is safer behind the wheel, young or old drivers, but there is a discussion which should be had with both groups about their own weaknesses and the ways in which they can improve their skills. This will help make the roads safer for everyone.

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