The best way to avoid auto accidents is to practice safety first driving. Human error is one of the main causes of auto accidents today. By adopting safe driving practices, you can help reduce the risk of accidents. You’re never too old to be a safe driver. The following safe driving tips and safe driving slogans will remind you where your driving habits can improve.

“Don’t Drink and Drive”
No driver can maintain optimum control of his vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Even a small amount of alcohol can adversely affect your mental alertness, coordination and decision making process. Avoid drunk driving by asking a friend to drive you home or taking a cab. For social functions where drinking is inevitable, appoint a designated driver.

Because “Speed Kills”, Drive Slower
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), speeding is a prevalent factor in contributing to traffic mishaps. In many cases, the risk of speeding far exceeds the time you save in getting to your destination. The best solution for arriving on time is to plan ahead and leave earlier. When you plan ahead, “normal speed meets every need.”

Cut Back on Distractions
Cell phone use, eating, applying makeup, fiddling with vehicle electronic gadgets and conversing with passengers are all dangerous distractions during driving. Driving safely requires your full focus and attention on the road. “Stay alive. Think and drive.”

Avoid Driving When Drowsy
Yawning is often the first sign of tiredness; if you’re driving, take heed right way. It’s not that difficult to go from feeling drowsy to sleeping at the wheel. If you’re alone, find a safe place to stop and take a rest. If you’re with other drivers, let someone else have a turn. Don’t take chances driving when you’re tired. “Chance takers are accident makers.”

“Buckle Up”
Despite repeated warnings, many drivers and passengers suffer injuries from auto accidents due to not using seat belts. Even at low speeds, a sudden crash can send you or your kids hurling into the dash, windshield or side windows if you’re not buckled up. Parents who are concerned for their kids’ safety on the road should take heed – “Hug your kids at home, but belt them in the car!”

Drive Defensively
Keeping a safe distance between cars, driving slower, staying alert, yielding to other drivers and staying calm during frustrating traffic conditions are all part of defensive driving. Defensive driving habits will not only enhance your safety on the road, they can also help lower your insurance premium. Remember – “Life doesn’t have a reset button. Drive safely.”

Hopefully, these safety first driving tips and safe driving slogans will remind you of the basics of being a safe driver!