When hand-held calculators where first introduced, there was fear that children would no longer learn to add or subtract. Today, GPS has made maps all but obsolete. Does this mean our knowledge of geography will lessen?

We thought it would be interesting to put together a brief and fun geography test to challenge your knowledge.

1. If you were in Detroit, Michigan and wanted to travel to Windsor, Ontario, Canada, what direction would you travel?

A.) North

B.) South

C.) East

D.) West

2. Which city is furthest east?

A.) Miami, Florida

B.) Boston, Massachusetts

C.) Washington, D.C.

D.) New York, City

3. If you visited Yellowstone National Park, what state would you be in?

A.) Montana

B.) Wyoming

C.) Utah

D.) South Dakota

4.) What is NOT part of the Florida Keys?

A.) Key West

B.) Casey Key

C.) Key Largo

D.) Sands Key

5.) Athens, Lima, Milan, Calcutta, Dublin, Lebanon, Macedonia, and Ontario are all communities in what State?

A.) Florida

B.) Ohio

C.) Nevada

D.) Rhode Island

6.) At 3,101 miles, I-90 is the longest Interstate Highway in the country. How many states does it travel through?

A.) Thirteen

B.) Sixteen

C.) Nineteen

D.) Twenty-two

7.) What state uses the phrase “The Crossroads of America” as its State Motto?

A.) Indiana

B.) Missouri

C.) Illinois

D.) Kansas

8.) What city is not on one of the Great Lakes?

A.) Albany, New York

B.) Toledo, Ohio

C.) Milwaukee, Wisconsin

D.) Erie, Pennsylvania

9.) Where is the lowest surface point in the United States?

A.) Death Valley, California

B.) Phoenix, Arizona

C.) New Orleans, Louisiana

D.) The Badlands, South Dakota

10.) Which state’s highest point is only 345 feet?

A.) Florida

B.) Louisiana

C.) Mississippi

D.) Kansas

Here are the answers:

  1. Windsor, Ontario Canada is actually south of Detroit. “B” is the answer you were looking for.
  2. Boston, Massachusetts is the easternmost major city in the United States so the correct answer is “B”.
  3. Old Faithful is one of Yellowstone National Park’s biggest attractions and is located in the state of Wyoming making “B”, once again, the answer.
  4. You will find Casey Key in Florida but not in the Florida Keys. Casey Key is located near Sarasota along the Gulf Coast. The answer then is “B”.
  5. You will find all of these foreign sounding communities in the Buckeye State of Ohio. If you said “B”, you are correct and may have discovered a pattern.
  6. Interstate 90 traverses across the northern part of the country and goes through a total of 13 states. Just remember to use defensive driving techniques should you decide to travel it. The answer is “A”.
  7. If you selected “A” you are correct. Indiana calls itself “The Crossroads of America”.
  8. The Capital of New York State, Albany, does not border on a Great Lake so “A” is the proper response.
  9. Death Valley is 282 feet below surface level making “A” the correct response.
  10. Britton Hill is in Florida, and at 345 feet is the lowest high point of any state. Although “A” is the right answer, the state with the lowest average elevation is Delaware, with an average elevation of just 60 feet.

So how did you do?

8-10 Correct Answers: Impressive! GPS away! You know your stuff!

5-7 Correct Answers: You might want to pull out a map once in a while.

4 or Less Correct: “Recalculating”.