Texas understands that you might not have been the best driver in the past and are willing to demonstrate that you’ve changed, and will earn your driver’s license back. That’s why they created the web site Texas.gov and loaded it with lots of cool features, like the Texas.gov/License Eligibility. Through a partnership with Texas Department of Public Safety, the web site allows drivers with a suspended driver’s license to pay their reinstatement fees, track the status of their driving eligibility and find out what they need to do to be in compliance with state law to get their driving privileges back.

The Texas.gov website also allows every driver to check their current driving status, so they know whether or not their driving privileges have been suspended.

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If you are currently a licensed driver in Texas and you believe your driving privileges may have been revoked, or perhaps you are just curious how many (if any) points you have accumulated on your driver’s license, you can visit Texas.gov and find out with just a few quick clicks. No waiting in line at the local department of motor vehicles office. If you have an Internet connection, or if you can get to a computer anywhere which does have an Internet connection, visit Texas.gov and check the status of your license today.

Getting pulled over by police while driving with a suspended or revoked driver’s license is only going to make the situation worse. Better safe than sorry.