According to the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles, if your vehicles meets basic safety measures, specifically head lights, turn signals and safety belts, it is legal to drive on the roads there. That means if you are a NASCAR owner, with a few minor modifications your race car is street legal.

This great news for anyone who owns a former NASCAR and wants to cruise around the neighborhood, impress people they pass on the street or just show off for their adoring fans. They must obey the traffic laws, or else they may receive a traffic ticket and have to take FL Traffic School to dismiss it.

In Tampa, Florida, Ed James of Nicodemus, Inc. uses his vehicle to help local charities by allowing folks to come by and check out the car. They can even go for a ride in the NASCAR if they are willing to donate to the charity:

“Nicodemus Inc. is a Florida based, non-profit corporation, founded by Ed James, a United States Marine Corp veteran. Ed founded his charitable organization in January 2009. Our mission is to help churches, schools, charities and foundations achieve their goals, of helping others in need. The ultimate goal for Nicodemus, is to become a family crisis charity.”