Police officers are known for their capability at handling a weapon, interrogating suspects and solving crimes, but defensive driving skills are also an important part of every day police work.

In fact, every year police officers practice their safe driving skills as part of their regular training, and new recruits too must pass a rigorous driver training course before they are ever admitted to the force. All of this driver training is meant to help keep the officers and everyone they share the road with safe from harm.

As a result of their intensive driver training police officers are less likely than other drivers to be involved in a vehicle crash despite their many miles and hours on the road and the hazards of their duty. Having a safe driving record is a source of pride for most police officers.

Traffic school is not just an excellent tool for police officers, however, it is an excellent tool for anyone who is planning to get behind the wheel of an automobile. It provides a window of opportunity for students to learn what they should and should not do behind the wheel, without the dangers present when they actually do get behind the wheel. You don’t share the road with other cars when you are in traffic school. Just you and your instructions.

When it comes to safe driving everyone, young and old, needs regular instruction to develop good driving skills and keep those skills sharp. Over time those skills can fade, bad habits can form and you can find yourself caught in a situation which you cannot control because you failed to be adequately prepared.

Before you get behind the wheel of your automobile ask yourself if your skills are as sharp as they could be. There is no shame in admitting your driving skills might not be what they once were, but doing nothing about it is a recipe for disaster.

Remember, if the police in your town can practice safe driving by training every year, so can you.