Pokémon Go aka PokemonGo, is all the craze! It has been released in several countries and was released in the United States on July, 6, 2016. In case you are not sure what Pokémon Go is – it’s a free game that one can play on their Android and IOS devices. The object of the game is to locate and capture Pokémon creatures, of which there are only a mere 742 species. Players can also train and battle the Pokémon for extra points. This game can be played alone or with a group of people.

Some people are even driving to different states to find these Pokémon. If you are planning on being one of these new traveling Pokémon Go players and spending endless hours driving from state to state or even city, here are few fun facts to consider:

Where Can You Find Pokémon?
They are literately everywhere from your bathroom to Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World. In North Carolina a minor league baseball team opened up their field and charged people five dollars to come in and find a newer released Pokémon.

Most Popular Places Pokémon are Showing up

People are finding Pokémon in other people’s backyards (careful, that’s trespassing), in hospital rooms, sitting at the bottom of their bed (now that’s just creepy), and it can get you in a heaping pile of trouble with your wife if she is in labor and you’re chasing a virtual creature around the room. The most popular places people have shared their Pokémon finds however, include:

• Sitting on a urinal in a men’s bathroom
• Hoovering over a cup of coffee in a dinner
• Sitting on a plate of food in a fine restaurant
• In a mural in NYC
• Standing on church steps
• On subway platforms
• In a baby’s crib standing next to her

Over-the-Top Places Pokémon are Being Found

• Standing on a casket at a funeral (Really people?! Who whips out their phone and plays a game at a funeral?)
• In cemeteries (Great place to be wandering around in the dark, careful you don’t fall in one of the newly shoveled ditches)
• Holocaust Museum (Wee bit disrespectful)
• Dance Clubs and Bars (ya, you’re not getting that Pokémon unless you’re at least 21)
• 9/11 Memorial (PokeStop)
• In family swimming pools (That could pose a danger for young players)

Pokémon players are driving all over the country to PokeStops to capture these elusive little creatures. A PokeStop is a popular place such as a mall, historical monument, popular get-away, even a police station.
These are just a very, very few places people are not finding the Pokémon. While it is just a game, some people are worried… like the police. Pedestrians have walked out in front of cars; people have trespassed, and people have been robbed. Yes, hackers/robbers were found setting up GPS coordinates and preying on unsuspecting players to walk into their web.

The police are also upset that people have been playing while driving, which has proven to be very devastating. Players have already driven their cars into trees, other cars and buildings while playing the game. California has had its fair share of accidents caused by people playing Pokémon, which means CA traffic school is going to be packed!
Pokémon is being called the greatest game in US history, but it’s hard to say if that is actually a “good thing.” What do you think?