State Farm, the country’s largest provider of vehicle insurance, is expanding its new pay-as-you-drive program to Florida where drivers who drive less can actually pay less for their car insurance. So far, 14 states are included in the new program which offers safe drivers who drive less discounts because they are using their vehicles less than others. In some cases the discounts can be as much as 40 percent, depending on how much you drive.

State Farm started offering its “Drive Safe & Save” program this summer around country. Florida, Pennsylvania and Michigan, Georgia, Alabama, Indiana, Minnesota, Utah and Washington were the first states to get the new program, with Florida drivers getting the offer on June 25. The program was previously offered in only five states: California, Illinois, Colorado, Ohio and Texas.

Progressive insurance is so far the only other company which offers discounts to drivers who drive less.

The idea is simple enough and seems very fair. If you drive less, they reason, you are a lower risk than someone who drives more often or for longer durations. That makes you a much lower risk.

State Farm’s program provides discounts to all eligible customers who allow the insurer to track how much they drive. The discount, initially 5 percent, could increase after six months to 10 percent for those who drive 1,000 miles a month, the national average, or as high as about 40 percent for those who drive the least, said State Farm spokeswoman Michal Connolly.

Progressive uses a variety of information that is tracked, such as how often someone hits the brakes, while State Farm uses only mileage, according to Office of Insurance Regulation spokeswoman Amy Bogner.

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