Two New York police officers were arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol this past week. These were just latest in a recent string of police officers arrested for driving drunk.

Just like everyone else New York police officers are not permitted to get behind the wheel of their automobile after they’ve been drinking. Some believe that police are required to set an example for others by following all existing laws, but the fact is, they are simply people. And people make mistakes.

Unfortunately, making the mistake of driving drunk is one that will ultimately cost. If not in the form of fees, fines; points on your driver’s license, suspension of your driving privileges and possible jail time–then it the costs associated with having a serious vehicle collision and causing yourself or someone else serious injury.

You might think that the police are “above the law” but the fact is they can, and often do, get busted for breaking the law on a regular basis. Especially driving drunk. Police officers do not like seeing anyone driving drunk and they especially hate it when that person is a fellow officer. They do not hesitate to write a citation, no matter who it is, because they have seen the tragedy caused by drunk drivers all too often and anything they can do to save a life, they will do. Even if it means busting another cop.