nyc parking ticket penalties

Cramped together as a gargantuan car city, NYC has the most tedious, chaotic, and downright confusing parking in the entire country. It’s too easy to fall victim to convoluted parking signs and expired meters. Especially if you’re a tourist or have just moved to the concrete jungle. It’s always smart to use the renowned public transportation to avoid NYC parking tickets, but when you can’t…

We’re here to help you.

More specifically, we’re here to help you understand what kind of parking tickets and penalties you may experience while parking in New York City. That helps, right? You’ll know exactly what to expect when you’re expecting a speeding ticket.

New York City has great public transportation, but everyone knows that you’re inseparable from your car. It’s your baby. Just like a baby, you need to treat it well, otherwise it will grow up to resent you, move to college, and only call you around the holidays.

Maybe give your parents a call…

Parking Violations

Parking violations are very common in the city. Your precious vehicle baby could get ticketed, towed, or ticketed and towed. That’ll cost you a fortune. Give those pesky car boots the boot and pay attention when parking.

Some parking tickets can cost as low as $60 and as high as $125.

Whatever the cost of the ticket is, it’s not as pricey as parking in a lot, parking garage, or at a city registered parking meter. When putting your car in park around city’s sidewalks, always err on the safe side. You don’t want to pay the consequences (which is between $60 and $125 to be exact).

Speeding Violations

Slow down when driving through the city, speed demon. With bumper to bumper traffic, it’s hard to go over the speed limit, but people somehow manage to do it. When these speedsters are caught wheel-handed, they get slapped with an outrageous, but, totally understandable, speeding ticket.

How much are speeding tickets?

If you get caught speeding in New York City, you could face anywhere from $45 to a whopping $600. Do you realize how many online traffic school courses you could get with that kind of money?

You can take as much defensive driving courses we offer, but the best way to not get caught speeding is by driving under the speed limit.

Time Penalties

Now that we’ve covered the speeding tickets and parking tickets, let’s talk about penalties. If you go long enough without paying your parking tickets, the price will only grow bigger. So, no running away from these ticket issues.

Even if ditch everything you know and love in New York City, vacant the state, and move to northern Maine to live as a mountain folk who hunts lobsters, “they” will find you.

By “they,” we mean The Collection Agency.

You can’t escape time penalties. They will begin within 30, 60, and 90 days of not making a payment on your tickets. Time penalties can accumulate hefty fees on top of your already large ticket payment. If you’re trying to pay off a ticket, it’s always wiser to do so sooner rather than later.

When you get ticketed or penalized, always remember that enrolling into traffic school is a great way to reduce payments and show you’re a safe driver. So, if you’re interested in learning more about reducing ticket payments and penalties, then consider taking a defensive driving course from We specialize in all things traffic related – especially getting rid of traffic tickets.