Not every driver has the same risk factors when they get behind the wheel. In fact, studies have shown that younger, inexperienced drivers have a much greater risk of being involved in a fatal vehicle crash than more experienced, older drivers. However, drivers beyond a certain age often suffer from physical ailments which greatly increase the risk of them having a serious vehicle collision.

For both these groups the New York Department of Motor Vehicles has resources available.

A quick trip to the New York Department of Motor Vehicles web site brings up the main page. On that page, on the left side, are two separate links. One is a resource for the “younger driver” and the other is for the “older driver.” Both these links offer helpful advice for increasing an individuals safety behind the wheel.

The ‘Older Driver’ link takes you a completely separate resource page where their mission is spelled out:

To accomplish this mission, the Office for the Older Driver will:

Address issues and concerns of older drivers in a frank, sensitive and non-judgmental manner.
Identify educational programs about safe driving, improving driving skills, and the process of retiring from driving.
Offer topical, useful, and user-friendly materials to our consumers in all available media.
Encourage driver comments and feedback on presented topics and suggestions for future ones.
Evaluate our agency’s current practices and initiate changes to our policies, procedures, regulations and statutes where appropriate.
Coordinate efforts with other local, State and federal agencies and other parties to address the transportation needs of older drivers.

The ‘Younger driver’ link is decidedly different with an abundance of multi-media offerings designed to help them navigate the graduated licensing program; information for parents; videos, quizzes and information designed to help them understand traffic safety laws.

Regardless of which group you fit into, the New York Department of Motor Vehicles wants to help. We at My Improv Traffic School also want to help, by offering our online traffic school. New York drivers who pass our course might qualify for a reduction in their vehicle insurance rates.