When it comes to safe drivers New York has about as many as any other state in the Union, which definitely isn’t enough.

New York drivers pride themselves on their ability to safely navigate the near endless construction zones, heavy traffic and a dizzying array of street signs, one-way streets and traffic signals both living (traffic cops) and automated. They take driving seriously, as they should, given they spend a good portion of their lives sitting behind the wheel of their cars.

New York certainly hasn’t cornered the market on New York defensive driving, but then again, neither has anyone else. Defensive drivers are still in the minority every time they hit the road. The number of defensive driving course graduates is increasing every year, as insurance companies begin offering discounts for those who complete the course and as a result of driving citations. Traffic school is a great way to escape the accumulation of points on your license, but it is also a great way to improve your driving skills so you can avoid getting more citations in the future.

Not too long ago the New York Daily News posted an article on its website with a headline which read in part: “New York drivers dumbest in the nation…” The article cited a recent survey by GMAC which seemed to indicate New York drivers were the least knowledgeable about local traffic laws. In their defense, most states didn’t finished much better.

Much has been said about which state has the best crop of drivers, but the fact is, most Americans still have a lot to learn when it comes to defensive driving. If your skills are lacking, or you feel it might be a good idea to brush up on your defensive driving NY skills, don’t wait to be sent to traffic school, do yourself a favor and sign up now.

Image: Piyaphon / FreeDigitalPhotos.net