Investigators have determined that a New York driver was texting behind the wheel and speeding when she struck and killed a 68-year-old bicyclist two weeks ago in western New York state. The bicyclist, Richard Webb, was riding on a rural road in Newfane, New York, when he was struck with a vehicle driven by Alicia Westgate, 25, also of Newfane.

Investigators say Westgate had two children in her vehicle at the time of the collision. She was charged in Niagra County court this week with speeding, texting, reckless driving and failure to use due care.

There has been a great deal of debate in New York recently regarding the increasing number of bicyclists taking to city and county roads. In New York City special bike lanes have been created limited the number of lanes available for motor vehicles prompting the ire of some drivers who believe the roads are only for motorcycles, cars and trucks. Bicyclists, however, see the efforts to increase their safety on the roads as an answer to overly congested roadways and our ever increasing dependence on fossil fuel. They want even more lanes and more restrictions on motor vehicles to increase their level of safety.

It seems likely this latest traffic collision will add fuel to the fire between these two groups and spur the debate to new heights.