May and June are a busy time for deer in New York State. Since Spring has finally arrived the deer are out in force. Young deer are getting their first taste of fresh grass, young does are looking for mates, and bucks are out doing the same thing. It’s practically a deer party in every little bit of woods and across fields in the greenest part of the state.

Hunters work hard to keep the deer population in check, but this year there appear to be more deer about than usual, making the New York State Thruway Authority and New York state police issue warnings to drivers to use caution in any and all wooded areas.

It is difficult to predict where a deer may be at any given moment. They might dart from a wooded area or field unexpectedly. They might be out at night or early evening or possibly early morning. You can bet that they won’t announce their arrival, however. They’ll just dart right out in front of you like they are invincible, leaving you with massive damage to your vehicle and increased insurance rates.

Our defensive driving course ny can help you keep points from being added to your license, and it can even help you reduce your insurance rates in some instances, but it won’t help you get your vehicle fixed after colliding with a deer.

Do yourself a favor and obey and respect the ‘Deer Crossing’ and ‘Deer Warning’ signs you see on the roadways. If you see one deer in an area the chances are there will be more, so slow down. Remember to always drive defensively, and you might just avoid a collision that will cost you big damage to your vehicle and possibly even personal injury.