New York is known for its superb public transportation. Every day millions of people opt to use the large amount of transit services available to them. In fact, many New Yorkers bypass taking their online defensive driving course, because they do not own or drive a car.

However, getting lost in the heat of bouncing from one bus to the next can be stressful and exhausting for passengers. But nothing compares to the turmoil NY bus drivers go through daily! You might think the guy who’s stretching his leg too close to your personal space is frustrating, just try spending a day behind the wheel of a bus. Think of them before venting your blues and be more respectful to them. It may become second nature to you after reading about their salaries and hardships below.

What They Pay for a Hard Day

Every day, NY bus drivers make thousands of stops across the city or town they live in. Letting people on and off the bus is their line of work, and they get paid the big bucks to do so. At least, that’s what people tend to believe. The average bus driver in the state of New York will make roughly $35,000 a year. For perspective, the average 2-bedroom apartment in New York is $1,638.

In some districts, bus drivers will get paid around $12 an hour. That’s getting paid $12 for 60 excruciating minutes of dealing with angry patrons, distressed lunatics, and everything disgusting that’s in between. However, professional bus drivers – who will drive VIPs and other executive personnel – will be paid up to $48,000 a year.

The job doesn’t just pay an average income for above average responsibilities. These unsung heroes get paid in the friendly smiles and greetings by their grateful passengers. Everyone is kind to bus drivers, right?

It’s a Hard Bus Stop Life

Bus drivers are people too. Typically, media will depict them stereotypically as being gross and disgusting. This is far from the truth; however, the working conditions of a bus driver doesn’t help their case.

Often, they are subjected to 12-15-hour work days and may get called into work for overtime. This involves long hours sitting in the same, uncomfortable seat. For some, the only exercise they get is rounds of jaw clenching brought on by disrespectful passengers.

Bus drivers are subjected to the same malarkey as everyone else, except multiple times on the countless routes they make every single day. The person who is playing music from their phone’s speaker or the two guys breaking out into an argument are just a few examples of the personalities that appear on a day-to-day basis. Not to mention the infamous, “My bus fare is somewhere in my purse,” excuse giver. Even bus drivers will get annoyed at the people who search for their fare and hold up lines.

As a bus driver, you must have extreme patience and a cool demeanor to survive the gruesome work days. People can make or break the drivers who work in public transportation. Next time you’re spending time on the bus, try starting up a small conversation with the driver – it might help cut up the monotony of the day. You could even cheer them up. At the very least, wish them a good morning or a pleasant evening. When you have to put up with chaos, it’s nice to have a little acknowledgement.