Folks driving around Northeast El Paso will soon face a series of traffic hurdles as the Texas Department of Transportation shuts down some major throughways in order to improve traffic conditions in the area. Specifically Texas Department of Transportation are closing the intersections of Transmountain Rd. at Gateway North Blvd. and Gateway South Blvd. for five months starting today and lasting until at least 2014.

Construction zones are a major transportation hassle and a hazard for both drivers in the area and the folks working on the construction site. Traffic fines in the construction are usually doubled or even tripled. Drivers who flaunt these recommended safe speeds on construction zones risk high fines and the possibility of seriously injuring themselves or someone who is just doing their job.

Drivers will still have access to Transmountain, as one lane in each direction will be open. But drivers trying to go from north to west and from south to east must take detours to the following exit of U.S. 54 due to construction.”We’re going to be building three bridges,” said Blanca Del Valle, the spokeswoman for TX-DOT. “That includes removing what’s there, placing new concrete and putting (up) the columns. It’s just a lot of work. And in the long run, it’s safer to have it closed, and we’ll probably get done quicker.”That phase of the construction is scheduled for completion in October.