If you are involved in a vehicle accident, no matter how slight you might believe the accident to be, make certain you stop and check with the other driver (or try to find them if it is a parked vehicle) before you leave the scene.

Police from on drivers who leave the scene of an accident. It is a crime in every state and a violation of law in most other countries as well. The reason is simple: the other driver might be injured, for one; or, there might be liability involved if you caused property damage. In either case you are responsible for seeing that you report yourself; allow yourself to be easily contacted by police if they have questions and make available your insurance information.

In Arkansas they not only frown on drivers who leave the scene of an accident, but they don’t take kindly to drivers who make lame excuses about why they didn’t hang around to check on the other drivers. Like: ‘I had ice cream in the car and it was melting.’

VAN BUREN, Ark. — A woman accused of leaving the scene of a minor traffic crash in western Arkansas told police she did it because she didn’t want her ice cream to melt.

Van Buren police say one vehicle rear-ended another Sunday evening, but that the driver of the second car didn’t stop to check on the vehicle she had hit. The other driver called police and set off in pursuit.

Fort Smith, Ark., television station KHBS reports that Flora Burkhart told police she didn’t think there was enough damage to merit stopping — and that she didn’t want her ice cream to melt.

Burkhart was cited for following too closely and leaving the scene of an accident.