For the next two weeks New York state and municipal police will be out in force to make certain drivers and passengers are buckled-up for safety.

New York state law is very specific about the use of seat belts. State law requires all passengers in the front seat to buckle up. Children under the age of 16 must also wear a seat belt regardless of what seat they’re in. All children under 8-years-old must be restrained in an appropriate child restraint system.

If you choose to violate this law you are not only risking a citation for not wearing your seat belt, but also tempting fate. Seat belt use has repeatedly been shown to limit the severity of injuries in the event of a vehicle collision and prevent the loss of life. This is an undisputed fact. However, it is also an undisputed fact that despite these facts some people simply refuse to accept that a seat belt can save their life and so they don’t wear one.

This weekend, Memorial Day weekend, is one of the busiest driving holidays of the year with many people enjoying a three day weekend which they normally use for road trips to their favorite destination. People in New York are no different, but police in that state will be waiting for them.

New York State Troopers and local police are all currently participating in the national ‘Click It or Ticket’ program which is designed to increase enforcement of nation wide seat belt laws. Police are out in force, looking for drivers or vehicle passengers who are not wearing their seat belts and will be issuing citations. Police, perhaps more than any other group of professionals, see their fair share of traffic collisions and the havoc and injuries they cause. Do yourself a favor and put the odds of walking away from an accident firmly in your favor.