In an effort to “save lives” New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has proposed using public shaming to get drivers to slow down and drive safely.

Bloomberg was speaking on a New York radio program, following a question about the recent decision by New York state legislators to not allow the use of speed cameras. Bloomberg told the radio host that something needed to be done and he would seek other means to accomplish it:

“We’ll put up their names and pictures someplace,” Bloomberg reportedly said on a talk radio show. “Maybe we can shame [drivers]… if Albany is not going to let us do this stuff, we’ve got to save lives.”

Many drivers unfamiliar with New York City are unaware that the speed limit for the entire city is just 30 miles per hour, with some areas having a posted limit even lower than that. In a recent poll nearly 75 percent of local drivers and residents said they believed speeding was a still a problem within city limits.

Bloomberg had proposed the use of speed cameras to track and identify those who exceed the posted limits. These cameras have been used effectively in communities around the world but they are very unpopular with drivers who enjoy putting the pedal to the metal and going as fast as they want. These cameras do not need a police officer to be effective. They automatically monitor the speed of approaching cars, identify the license plate number of cars which are exceeding the limit and automatically issue a ticket to the registered owner of the vehicle.

Drivers may protest, but the camera always wins.

If Bloomberg gets his way (and it seems likely he will) people busted for speeding in New York City will soon have their faces and their crimes posted either online at a special web site or possible on billboards or other public surfaces.