A push has been on in the New York legislature to enhance the state’s drunk driving law by linking all DUI offenses together. In essence, this would mean that that someone with a DUI on their driving record would also find the same record on their boating license.

This week the New York Senate approved the bill, publicly called Tiffany’s Bill. It now goes before the New York State Assembly where it has faced stiff opposition in the past. The New York State Assembly has failed to pass the new law several times already, and there is no guarantee it will pass this time.

The bill first was proposed a few years ago following the death of Tiffany Heitkamp. Heitkamp was killed in a boating accident which was caused by a man who had several drunk driving convictions, and who was operating the boat while intoxicated. Despite this he was charged as a first time offender for operating his boat while drunk, and let go. If he had been driving drunk he would have faced possible manslaughter charges, or even vehicular homicide charges. Not to mention enormous fines and fees, the possible revocation of his license and jail time.

The idea here is to limit what sorts of activities those who are prone to driving intoxicated can engage in. The theory is that if they are inclined to drive drunk they might just be inclined to do other things while drunk, at least some of which (like operating a boat) could end up getting someone else killed.

Improv Traffic school will continue to follow this bill as it moves through the New York State Assembly and keep you posted on any further developments.