You’ve heard of the ‘three strikes’ law? Well, in New York, it’s five drunk driving convictions and you’re out–no re-instatement of your license after your fifth revocation.

This week the state drew a line in the sand when it comes to repeat offenders under the state’s strict driving under the influence laws. Starting now the New York Department of Motor Vehicles will review the lifetime records of drivers seeking reinstatement after a revocation and deny any that have five or more alcohol- or drug-related driving convictions. DMV will also be denying licenses to anyone with three or more DUI convictions and at least one serious driving offense within the last 25 years. This includes those with a fatal crash or any driving-related conviction.

And not only that, but any drunken drivers whose licenses have been revoked or suspended for six months or a year will no longer be able to get their driving privileges back in just seven weeks by completing an education program.

That’s a pretty firm line and it leaves no wiggle room. But the New York DMV has good reason for strengthening their stance against drunk drivers. The state sees more than 300 deaths every year caused by drunk drivers and ten times that many injuries. In most of these cases the drunk driver is a repeat offender. This is about the same as it is every where. It seems once a drunk driver, always a drunk driver, and states are finally getting wise to these repeat offenders.

If New York sees fatalities decline as a result of their new standards you can bet that other states will likely follow suit with simnilar legislation aimed at keeping drunk drivers off the road for good.